The Rocky Mountain

In the early 1900s, in the mountains of eastern Kentucky, a young horse of unknown
breeding gave rise to a line of horses that became prized and treasured by the people living in
the area. These horses became known for their gentleness, their strong heart, their natural
endurance, and their comfortable 4-beat gait known as “singlefoot.” The characteristics
of this strong genetic line can be found in today’s Rocky Mountain Horse.
Today, the Rocky Mountain Horse is being used as a pleasure horse, for trail rides,
for competitive or endurance rides, as a show horse under saddle
and in harness, as well as working cattle. The Rocky Mountain Horse Association maintains
strict criteria for registration of new horses which are:
The horse must be of medium height, between 14.2 – 16 hands, have a wide chest with a sloping 45 degrees on the shoulder with bold eyes and well shaped ears;
The horse must have a natural four-beat gait (singlefoot), producing a movement of
equal rhythm just like a walk – left hind, left fore, right hind, right fore.
Each individual horse has its own natural way of going, traveling at speeds
of 7 to 20 miles per hour. This is a naturally occurring gait that does
not require training aids or action devices.
It must be of good temperament and easy to manage;
It must have a solid body color. Facial markings are acceptable as long as
they are not excessive. There should not be any white above the knee or hock.

The Rocky Mountain Horse is a breed that is considered rare, and it is with
great pleasure that Kanehsatake Trails Mountain Horses introduces the Rocky Mountain Horse,
for the first time, to Quebec. Kanehsatake Trails recently welcomed
Prewitt’s Hershey, a 5 year old Rocky Mountain stallion to its stables.
He is a fine representative of the breed, in both conformation and color. His chocolate body color and flaxen mane and tail
are the most sought after color in the Rocky Mountain Horse breed.
Coming from the Cypress Lake Stables in North Carolina,
where the Prewitt family has been breeding Rocky Mountain horses for several generations,

Most recently, Prewitt’s Hershey has been shown in Tennessee,
where he placed second in the OpenTrail Class
and the Men’s Open Pleasure. He also earned 15 points at
the 2002 South-East Rocky Mountain Horse High
Point Championship Series in Trail Pleasure.

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