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Jutta Scrannage was born in Germany in 1945. Artist from her very girlhood, she first painted at the age of 10 her first portrait " Angel " (a school mate) - using materials as : toothpaste, lipstick, eyeliner - and wood. To see this work, you can contact her directly : jutta.scrannage@wanadoo.fr.

Of anglo-saxon origin, she shared her life between United States, England and Germany. She settled in 1968 in France, her elected country, where her life is dedicated to three different forms of art :
- painting (about hundred works, most of which are oils on canvas and about thirty are acrylics)
- cinema (about ten film scripts ; long, medium and short,
of which " Contre-Jour ", a 16mm film she directed in 1990 and was awarded by Unifrance Films)
- writing (an essay in the field of human sciences published by Guy Trédaniel)

The art of Jutta Scrannage is searching for the secret of life,
Concealed in our brain since the beginning of time.
It makes you feel near to discover the long forgotten secret.
Her instinctof knowledge is a passionate craving.
What does this burning thread lead to ?

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