1°) Transformez ces phrases affirmatives en phrases négatives et interrogatives:




She slept well last night.

They were ill yesterday.

He bought a camera.

You left quite early.

Walter made a cake last week.


        2°)Conjuguer au prétérit simple:

    1. He (to build) ________ this house in 1990.

    2. He (to tell) ________ her that he (to be) ________ young.

    3. I (to watch, not) ___________ TV last night.

    4. She (to go) _________ to the United States last summer.

    5. When I (to be) ________ a child, I (to want) __________ to be a policeman.


        3°) Traduire les phrases suivantes:

    1. Je les ai vus lundi dernier.

    2. J'ai acheté ce livre il y a deux ans.

    3. Il m'a attendu pendant vingt minutes.

    4. Je ne l'ai pas vu hier.

    5. As tu aimé le film?

    6. Quand a-t-il acheté cette voiture?

    7. Nous avons beaucoup mangé et bu la nuit dernière!


        4°) Conjuguer au prétérit simple ou au prétérit continu:

    1. The driver (to phone) ____________ when he (to lose) _____________ control.

    2.What (to do) _________ you ___________ when you (to hear) _____________ something.

    3. I (to see, not) ______________ the accident because I (to read) _________________ the paper when it (to happen) ____________.

    4. Paul (to break) _____________ the window while he (to play) _______________ football.