I have chosen to feature in this first record a few piano works well representative of the Albanian repertory, firstly for nostalgic reasons and secondly to contribute to the acknowledgement of these talented composers.

You will find in this music the emotion of the tunes and rythms that these composers have been able to extract from the traditional music and to reproduce the particular tunes of traditional instruments (çiftelia, daulle) through the piano.

These selected piano works will make you appreciate the epic and lyric character, the appetite for legends, specific of the Albanian character, that you will feel still so alive, if you have the fortune to travel to this country, so alive despite the ordeals of this small nation which is mine.

I hope that this original music, which is ours (E iona muzikë, our music) may become a bit of yours.


Ermira Zyrakja-Lefort



1.   Toccata en Mi mineur (E-). Tokata. Çesk Zadeja.

2.   Variations en Sol mineur (G-). Variacione. Tonin Harapi.

3.   Ballade pastorale en La majeur (A+). Ballade pastorale. Kosma Lara.

4.   Ballade No 3 en Mi mineur (E-). Ballade No 3. K. Lara

5.   Miniatures - La joie revient (Fa majeur, F+). Miniatura - Jagezimi vjen përsëri. T. Harapi

6.   Miniatures - Romance (La mineur, A-). Miniatura - Romance. T. Harapi.

7.   Miniatures - Une pomme rouge toute sucrée (Mi mineur, E-). Miniatura - Molle e kuqe top sheqere.T. Harapi.

8.   Miniatures - Dance (Do mineur, C-). Miniatura - Valle. T. Harapi.

9.   Miniatures - Petite douleur (Fa mineur, F-). Miniatura - Një dhimbje e vogël. T. Harapi.

10. Légende de Gjergj Elez Alia- Prélude (La mineur, A-). Motive për legjenden Gjergj Elez Alia. Prelud. Feim Ibrahimi.

11. Légende de Gjergj Elez Alia- Marche (La mineur, A-). Motive për legjenden Gjergj Elez Alia. Prelud. F. Ibrahimi.

12. Ballade No2 en Mi mineur (E-). Ballade No 2. K. Lara.

13. Variations en La majeur (A+). Variacione. Ç. Zadeja.

14. Miniatures - Prélude (Si bémol majeur, Bb+). Miniatura - Prelud. K. Lara.

15. Miniatures - Dance (Mi bémol majeur, Eb+). Miniatura - Valle e vogël.     K. Lara.

16. Dance (La mineur, A-). Valle. K. Lara.

17. Miniatures - Prélude (La majeur, A+). Miniatura - Prelud. K. Lara.

18. Miniatures - Jeu (Fa majeur, F+). Miniatura - Lojë. K. Lara.

19. Toccata en Do majeur (C+). Tokata. Ç. Zadeja



Recorded in Park House Studio, Dunslaughlin, Co. Meath, Ireland.

Engineered by Bill Somerville-Large and Frank McNamara.

Cover photo by Jean-Luc Orwat.

Back photo by Petrit Kumi.

Design concept by François Lefort and Brian Dempsey.



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F. Ibrahimi - Toccata en Do majeur

K. Lara - Ballade pastorale C. zadeja - Toccata en Mi mineur