Here I present to You 3 documents that should be of extreme importance...


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and four (tricks)


A gigantic conspiracy exists (intern), based on the size of the fingernails from the feet of some elements, relatively new, inside the Aryan system.

People with extremely small fingernails spreaded extremely when the conquest of America, that was headed in England (that is to say, also, the entirety of the Empire) with a king Henry. Happening that, Henry remembered to the meaning of " Hen " (the farm bird). As the birds have their paws sensibly different to their wings, and began to be known this maneuver, identifying it with these Aryan elements of fingernails in the extremely small feet.

Lancaster and Anjou celebrated this situation, adopting these elements inside their breast. Even, using them as identifications (for the particularity of the fingernails in the feet) of some of their lines of descendants childrens (other generations).

Seemingly, during these 500 years, up to the 2000; these sectors (of small fingernails) grew (and even were cloned) massively, forming an important group (even in governements!).

Were these sectors who forced the revolution of the colonies of America. Although, also, established, this way, a noxious system (universal) of public education and public health; concreted in the XIX century. The third world, would be never the same one, from then on.

Little by little, this situation was deriving a true internal racism (totally unknown), from these sectors.

Also, this power liberated from the slavery the black race (and all "black races", in the middle).

During the XX century, this racism Henry - small fingernails, derived in another invention impelled by Lancaster, in particular: the soccer (played with the feet).

But also, it began to say, to the rest of the races from all over the world: "play soccer to destroy the Aryan system, intensifying the pressure on the intern of the Aryan race."

They were also tempted, sharing the whole technology of the Aryan race: Radio (the first one), television, human clonation, etc.

Meanwhile sumerged the ordinary world in a real state of desperation that finished in several violent reactions: Comunism (education to Russia and China), Kennedy's murder, Falklands war, Challenger explosion, Desert Storm, Democratization of the entire third world (finnally, even better than the Comunism for them, specially in Russia).

But both World Wars (during the first half of the XX century) were consecuences of accelerated desitions, in the way of this technological alluvium, facilitated by the soccer to the rest of the world (in fact, the main reason).

- In 1963, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was murdered, by George Bush (descending of the house Lancaster of England), for this reason.

- In 1982, William Clinton detonated the Falklands war, training the army Argentinean, under direct orders of elements (in Argentina) with short fingernails in its feet (that even today, admit their responsabilities)...

All South America is (together) with the third world (Russia and China, specially) thanks to these technological advances (given by the soccer), in fight against the Aryan system.

The attacks happens almost daily, detonated by these fellows with short nails.

The economic roots are very important:
- FORD (for Henry Ford)

Notice you that KODAK and MC DONNALDS refers two " ducks ", of the contemporary world (the second to Donald, of Walt Disney).

Agfa to the " A.F.A ". (association of the Argentinean soccer).

These sectors win spaces and spaces, razing with everything to their step, in a racist way.

It is more, as much them as their " creators " (Lancaster) they boast of this situation and they call as "blacks" or "inferiors" to the rest of the Aryan race.

Also, they know that the only solution would be its extermination (meanwhile the world continues remembering Henry VII as the English King of the America's discovery), and they are willing to everything to avoid that.

One of their favorite threats is the one of attacking with ionizing radiations the genitals of their (eventual) enemies: with radio-active wastes, and others. And their share this (particular) manouver with the third world.


In the beginning of the XX century, Lancaster was ending to delineate his new work, after his "American independence". Then, impelled races with small fingernails (in feet, in particular); a recessive feature of human descendance. These sectors impelled (too) intelligence maneuvers with much of internal racism. That which even impelled more the entrance of the elements of black race inside (the entire) First World.

The black ones had a surprise under the sleeve: very important intelligence relationships with the Turkish empire, in particular in the north of África. Both, spread many espionage lines over South America. Even, entering (literally) in the offices of the (former) British Empire, to make their wishes.

The Britons couldn't react against all this (they were not even ready to make the entire idea of this).

While, United States grew and its black population multiplied.

The intelligence was accentuated and consolidated during the XX century... While over South America appeared the splendid (and continued ever a century) culture of benefactor - state: free and universal education and health, impelled by one leader, the Argentinean Sarmiento, (another with 9 letters, the same of Lancaser and Jefferson). In the books of infantile studies they teach (still today) proud... " We are here! the black race occupies big sectors of the United States..."; being shown (too) tremendous graphs with states painted in black over the map of the USA (being Atlanta one of their Capitals).

As long as, Lancaster (almost as discharging Hannover) impelled other economic - commercial projects.

Ford - Fox and... the soccer.
Since the South American's independence times... The most important "Father of Nations" (San Martin) fought one of the most importants of his battles, named "Cancha Rayada" ("Painted Field of Soccer", in english).

After incorporating to their lines the memory of the (former) family Juliá (that of the Roman emperors, who created the Catholic Cult) they thought to re - build splendid coliseums where the crowds should meet in the same old usages (a ridiculous attempt, as we'll see).

The black ones could (too) took positions, together with the Turks.

Lancaster from the beginning of the soccer proyect began to educate South America (and to the third world, in general): "Come, play the soccer, make this and be organized against the rest of the Aryan ("First") world, to total own will (and pleasure), without our intervention."

The South Europeans and Turks (impelling to the happy Spaniards and South Europeans, in general) opened the arms and they accepted the offer. And, although intimately they hated always the sport (originated in the same Victorian England), they bet to follow it as promise of scientific and technological advances... they (really) got it.

The technology began this way to be marketed freely toward the Third World (even to the blacks) (where began to spread the concepts of universal public education). The first advance was the radio...



In 1920 the radio arrived at the Rio de la Plata, with its own inventor's, the Italian Guglielmo Marconi. The Argentineans (Enrique Sussini) proclamed: "We have brought the first radial transmission of the world."

5 years later, the radio stations multiplied on South America.

Unquestionable figures of the South American culture arised: Carlos Gardel (an Aryan that attempted to defend the British interests, singing Tango music), until he died in an air accident; Enrique Santos Discépolo (a South European character that began making one intellectual art, very soaked with the maximum lines artistic Europeans of then, of dark sort and Kafka).

Quickly (the "nobility forced") the soccer became THE South American event. The Coliseums had been built... in full Buenos Aires we already had a dozen of them, all totally fulled by the crowds every Sunday.

What Lancaster (neither nobody) supposed was that the bleachers (for example) were replete of South Europeans, with some (very) few Aryan mixes.

In that atmosphere, happened a true exchange of culture of resistance. The orders of Lancaster (proud and blinded) where all assumed in the claws of the South Europeans crowds, and then were re - elaborated.

The culture was happy for Lancaster... The streets, the newspapers and the own radio were crammed by the business of the soccer... Although not entirley.

Because the political - military lifes continued their natural courses... but in the opposed sense.

The racist resistance grew and multiplied as rats in the sewers.

The top nationals relatings (artists, political and military, even) rehearsed double messages that were public, and (even) "approved" by the centers of control of Lancaster.

The racial fight was planned (then) with real knives and pistols. And these maneuvers were (even) accepted.

But they had totally different (and more dangerous) adds... culture and education.

Under some stadiums (even) began to work schools. The roguery of the " students " always overcomes any prediction of any outline of power.

Also then, Argentina lived an industrial esplendór, its cords (around Buenos Aires) were repleted of industries plenty of work chances. Beeing Argentina qualified worldwide as the "alimentary granary of the world."

The South European mass lived a respectable splendor, and generated a sensitive (and growing) hate on the North Americans (called " gringos ") and its dollar money.

Beyond the ideologies, the Argentineans (oligarches or from "left ideologies") were identified as "nacionalistas" (nationalist) or not. "Nationalists postures" as the liberation of the Aryan north were knitted (between soccer encounters)... acts of terrorism and other (biggers), of liberation.

The artists (radio men), almost in their entirety, began to be flagged with this moved. In a crystalline way they were getting in the military environments, and transcending outside... concretely on Brazil.

The sectors producing food (of South Europeans) quickly entered in the game... Delineating a circuit of power that (even) ended up ordering to maintain the sport of the soccer. And they received recompenses... the promise of the prompt arrival of television, almost in simultaneous with the First World.

Logically, the religious atmosphere (main motivation the American revolutions) began to be destroyed (frantically). Fast, the religious social practices had weakened.

The arrival of the radio and the "massive cultures" (being the soccer one of their main instigators) finished making this situation to explode definitively.

The black ones in United States were more than happy, winning rights and rights; and managing (even) the intelligence of the Turks (in Africa) who mediated with the South Europeans (always)... their resistance.



That meant the crystallization of all social desires of liberation.

Juan Domingo Perón arrived to the power in Argentina, being taken lifted (literally) on the shoulders of a multitude of millions of inhabitants from Buenos Aires.

His first speech (without being President, neither anything else), in the 17 of October of 1945, in front of that multitude was clear: " Unite! Be more united than never! On this union our future will get up on this beautiful homeland!".

South America will never be the same one after this date.

The South Europeans top characters that were (then) in the radio emphasized... "This government is perfect... the whole town will maintain it to death... The nation was liberated of the dollar...."

Unquestionable figures of the culture (even in all the military governments later, supposedly "more ferocious"): Enrique Santos Discépolo (who even possesses an internet page in Buenos Aires that until now express all these ideas), Hugo del Carril (composer of the hymn of the Peronist party, the one of Perón).

The world remained in its soccer enthusiasm... The Nobel (of Peace) reward went (freely) to a lawyer from Buenos Aires (Lamas), the " Obelisco " is buit (exact copy of the Shaft statue in the plaza of the White House, in Washington).

The rest of the immaculate white race was forced by Lancaster to prostitute unpunishedly before a more (and more) violent and educated society. Meanwhile the blacks and turks camed to South America to make stronger the race of the South Europeans (thing that was effective, finally, and continues actually).

And (soon) also got control of the clonation.

Perón personally gave a name to these maneuvers of liberator progress of the Aryan north... "la comunidad organizada" (the organized community).

And their achievements continued... Who founded the television in Argentina was the "first lady" Eva Duarte, besides being her face (and her speech) the first transmission seen on the country.

Then, as Peron was concerned for the immigration of the South Europeans, superivised the foundation of the splendid (relatively, for the South American society) airport of Buenos Aires. The reasoning of this maneuver was: "we don't have ships to cross the Atlantic, we will use airplanes, we will control the air." A supposedly absurdity of outline, but supported by the African nations and Turks as was related...

In 1951 there is already a radio in each house, here in Buenos Aires! (nothing less). The song of the radio says (in mouth of one of its maximum artists, Juan Carlos Mareco, " Pinocho ")... "Yesterday I saw the aryan sailor walking for the city, we negotiate with soccer... he had to give me his radio of transistors... and then he died... I murdered him."

The euphoria grew absolutely, and perforated in the back - yards of the First World (that didn't get anything establishing Israel, about this matters)...

Was the same Juan Perón who, in 1955 (after 10 years of government in which he made explode the urns with his votes) he decided to take some years toward the caribe (were is a very very strong south european presense in the continent and in the islands: Bogota, Caracas, Mexico, La Habana) and Spain, not without before to say goodbye with a historical speech... " The violence of the Aryans will be answered with a bigger violence... If 1 of the ours falls will fall 5 of them!".

Perón didn't leave the Presidence with empty hands... He took the projects of the rocketry and the atomic weapons. Was Peron the first to impel, personally, the development of the atomic investigations in South America.

Build up hopes that impregnated the whole army of the continent from Mexico to the south, in a secret way.

They falsified (this way) a fictitious overthrow of their governement. Assuming the presidence a "dictator" certain Pedro Aramburu (one of whose sons is, actually, national deputy in the National Parlament of Argentina).

Lancaster overflowed of happiness. But the radio reflected the mistake to take this position...

Great popular euphoria was proclamed (by underground ways in radio) about the bombings (and the destruction) of Germany (for the incompetence of Lancaster who supposedly commanded the conflict) and were appealed such phrases as: "Perón was overthrown by a masive popular revolution" (!!!???) or "The army will always respond when feeling of the Argentinean nation over the corrupt one".

In fact, the military ones continued faithful to Perón, and to the " nationalisms ".

The forces of security (army and police) where said guardians of the First World, while they (really) made efforts at the maximum to impel sectors of technological development that (the only thing that made) was to scrounge technology to United States and to be taken it to the nations of the black África, and Asian nations.

The " pueblo " (multitude of Argentinean) began to threaten to the Aryan colonists with the usage of radio-active residuals over their lives, callously.

Lancaster answered ordering them (directly): "make that, but continue playing soccer." And continued giving them technology... more and more.

Those (young) radial figures all ended up being transmitters (even under the most severe governements) in favor of the ways against - First World... "Cacho" Fontana, Luis Sandrini, Nini Marshall, were in the top of the campaign of public pressure, of defiant and unrestrainable ways; accompanied by an extensive social mass (of all the economic strata) that was faithful to them.

Soon arrived: the photocopiers, the color television, computers (personals and professionals), and masive telephones of all kind. Satellites and computer systems of the First World "to their feet".

While the "pueblo" (population) dreamt of destroying cities of the First World with home-made atomic bombs, Perón showed its game... their true illusion... to declare the war to the First World in 1982.

Multiple diplomat maneuvers and of intelligence were (effectively) attempted (street violence, disguised of differences mafio - politicals).

The connections of the war went back (even) to the support (decisive) of George Bush and William Jefferson Clinton (two relatives of Lancaster, for familiarity or for the project of the foundation of the United States, respectively).

The own Hollywood surrendered tribute to this maneuver of Argentina (in the hand of McDonnald's, godfather to Maradona, and its economic benefits) in an unheard way.

From then on, the technology given to the third world charged new mettles (although the Argentina lost the economic stirrups, not the hopes and the breed, even cloned)... Microsoft, Intel and IBM respond to Clinton and they share their more recent inventions with the population of the third world, which maintains the same intelligence lines since the radio arrived for the first time to the República Argentina, cooking the 1982 war.

The third world in South America, meanwhile breed and breed out of any kind of control, making his race better and better (with world intelligence, and clonation). And spreading out of the traditional towns (Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Caracas, Bogota and Mejico DF), to many many other new ones.


The features of the finger nails, in hands and feet, have controls in the descendants for separate: the fingers of the hands can have big finger nails (or small) while those of the feet can have small fingernails (or big), or the opposite, too.

After this (relative) know thing, a derived fact exists that is not it so much...

This characteristic of the nails is object of important controversy (very important) inside the (former Empire) of the IMMACULATE WHITE RACE (arial), as much as to detonate wars (both World Wars of the XX century, and Falklands 1982) and important terrorist acts.

There are sectors (the more gigantics inside the IMMACULATE WHITE RACE) that are defending (literally) to death several sectors of their race (much smaller, of about 1,5 meters of stature, for example) with finger nails markedly small (in hands or feet).

Concretely they give them massive reproductions very above the rest of the inhabitants of IMMACULATE WHITE RACE. In such an insensitive and bestial way that has been ended up outlining an imminent division of the internals historicals traditions.

Was argued (even) that that it is the most effective method of controlling the influence of new elements (purified belatedly) that they can change race and become the IMMACULATE WHITE RACE. A control "at first sight". (note: although it is not certain, because eventually are obtained subject with these finger nails, also of IMMACULATE WHITE RACE; and all this are common knoledge of the THIRD WORLD, that is, in fact, using this division of the FIRST WORLD, like we saw).

But what those elements of arial race argue is that an effective identification system would be obtained. Because, when the rest of the races should look for to purify his own (races south - European, Chinese and African), until removing the melanine of the body of its descendants; but never verifying the size of the fingernails (if are them shorts). And this would be the method of safeguarding the descendant of a fellow, of the attack of other races (after purified).

This maneuver exactly it is THIS way, so much that the war of 1982 was organized by these sectors who proclamed a true war of independence versus the rest of the races. All shielded behind a duck (to be a representative animal, because their wings are different to the paws, the same as the mentioned human hands are different to the feet): the duck (of Disney) Donald, and (in consequence) behind McDonnald's. It is more, Alfred Hitchcock became notorious for its name that means Cock (farm animal), in the preparations (decade of the 60) of the war of 1982, with years of anticipation..

Because they knew that in 1993 it would be proclaimed as president William Clinton Jefferson (who permanently proclaimed himself submissive to the designs of the most gigantic inhabitants of IMMACULATE WHITE RACE that force this situation, in particular).

For all the above, in 1993 didn't take much time his proclamation of responsible for the war of 1982 showing their contacts openly inside the Argentinean army (the one which, on the other hand, acted in a truly patriotic way and of defense of the society; suggested by the BLACK RACE, of a " holding " of governments in África).

Them (even) they received Ford Motors's fundamental support. Because these races go back to the era of kings Henry in England (Hen, the bird; like is a bird the duck); leaning on, then, in Henry Ford, and (even) in English elements of the House Lancaster in full Buenos Aires (Argentina) who personally claimed what happened in 1982.

This way, this sector of the IMMACULATE WHITE RACE, said: "the rest of the elements of the IMMACULATE WHITE RACE are imperfect, only us (with our small fingernails) we are perfect". In such an effective way that until Bill Gates (the magnante of Microsoft) claimed himsaelf like descending of these sectors of small fingernails on their feet.

These pressures are producing massive acts of barbarism, death and destruction.

Some of them during Clinton's government: massacre of religious sect in the south of the united states (dozens of people), attack in a building of supermarkets (200 dead people), destruction of a helicopter in the middle east (American soldiers and dead French), destruction of two airplanes with German tourists (one in 1996 and other the own Concorde, in the 2000) and infinity of daily anecdotes of deaths of (even) children under this aegis of power... All that which (seemingly) were answered in an attack of a bomb in Atlanta 96, a bomb that killed 2 people and that droped hundred of nails (like one says fingernails, in english).

A very extensive maneuver... and the only thing that is getting is to crack the internal order of the IMMACULATE WHITE RACE. Concretely, they have (easily) demolished the dictatorial past - military in South America, as well as any Catholic class of traditional religious expression Vatican, particulary... being suspected that there will even be more, because that outlined is a true internal racism.

Another argument that was fenced (more logic, even) by those high sectors (historical, originals) it is that they made sure a control of the rest of the levels of the colonies (more smaller)... sectors that should become faithful to them, for ever. But they didn't, obviously. An inside - empire race (full of racism) was created, that growed and growed and went up to the point to fund families that are the most gigantic ones of the FIRTS WORLD... all with the same very small nails.

Note: Maybe should be better to foment the creation of several descendants (father - sons) more and more small (with smaller mothers), very gradually, until forming series of families (at different levels), with a more social tradition (more political, no racist).

But no... the small - nails racists the only thing that have made is to breake the arial sistem... At one point, that the independence of the Americas and the World Wars of the XX century happened for these facts, exclusively.

The power is in full splendor... Clinton is the political figure of United States that more support is giving to them. But the axis of world power began in the following way:

- Lancaster, with the kings Henry (particularly III, V and VII). Being Hen (of Hen - ry) the mentioned kind of relation with the birds wings and paws. That (probably) detoned the independence of America; with (also) a strong presence in Canada.
- Mc Donnald's (supported in the world with Reagan and Swedish elements), supported by Disney (Donald Duck)
- Kodak (the government of united states forces Germany to maintain this company, under the watchword of being "Ko - Duck")
- HBCS (the bank created during Clinton's government)

Many companies in United States. Warner Brothers, for example, relating Warner with the Spanish name García (in the Argentina, supported by one of the members of this clan of small fingernails called Charly Garcia). And many other regional companies in diverse countries. To make sure the development of all this crimes they are used (very bloody), intimidation, and a numberless of cruel methods.

My diagnosis is that this situation can have a very tragic end for the whole Empire of the IMMACULATE WHITE RACE... But, fundamentally, because it is a form of pure RACISM (without a doubt); that never should prosper. Their elements should be eliminated hundred of years ago. And the eventual elements (that CAN, eventually, arise) they should be (also) segregated.

One of the worsest things that this short nails do is to make absolute free the sexual relations with other races... and then justify their criminals acts inside the arial system, saying exactly that is all vulnerable because this.

One important thing to aclare, is that the THIRD WORLD (not arial) knows all this about. In a grade, that (in fact) they are helping to this sectors of very small nails to grow inside the FIRST WORLD. Even they claim that they did that since centuries ago; saying that they produced the independence of the American Continent (by Lancaster, in particular), both World Wars. But (most at all) they claim that they detonated (in this ways) the Falklands war in 1982, turning in democratic all South America.

More... one of the populars songs in South America is one (of Fito Paez) that says... "We are raising crows... That they attack without pity, and they destroy the first world".


Here I present to you a few tricks that evidence two things: 1) the reallity of this world menace, and 2) the existence of a world net of intelligence.

In the third world exists an important usage of elements from the first world. In the healt care (state) system and in the educational (state) system. Some sectors of the third world argued that this is the evidence of a control from the first world. Thing that its not true, because they have TOTAL CONSCIENCE of this (particular) facts. Whatever, this supports are out of place, evidencing the actual corruption of the system; like when the third world receives blueprints of new weapons or technology (for example the couple Rossental, who where executed in the USA because they give to Russia the blueprints of the atomic weapons; and, more recently, inter - continental rocketry). For other part, the third world is hidding moves of new elements (cloned) of South European race from the internal of their countries, trained to confront the first world.

In the film LETHAL WEAPON II, the black actor Danny Glover shoot someone, killing him with a shoot in his right side of the head. The only thing that this means is a message (directly) from the Third World (the enviroment who striked over UK in 1982): "we are going to kill everyone in the first world, we dont care if they are Irish (Kennedy), or what could be".

The "ducks" use to support some "copies" (only a few small enterprises) from them, specially in small economies. Suporting small enterprises with some adventages for some particullary (clones) families. They argue that all (the entire power, even the historical) was completelly coincidential. Absurd, invented for them. They appeared by the hand of the soccer, with the (mentionated) enterprises. That are (all), absolutelly under their control.  In the mentionated racist ways; especially considering that they force "to have" small nails in their feets for the ordinary world (and work chances).

The "ducks" are sited in selected (higly selected) places of the intelligence of the world.
This elements are the most dangerous. They are (in those places) with not natural brains (open skulls), sending many many intelligence orders around the world.
They (decidedly) go over the points (politicals and publicitaries, in particular) where they could put factors of desestabilization, in favor of their cause. In particular, in favor (directly) of Ford Motors and Mc Donnald's.
They use very (very) bad ways to do this: murders (Lady Di, for example), and others (agressions to the Chinnese Empire), more terribles.
They don't have any problem to do all this, in favor of they're short nails cause.