Aube Mystique

Paul Greenspoon, Guitar
Soheil Nakhostine, Guitar and vocals
Reza Rashidi, Bass
Jeff Zaat, percussions and vocals

Devoted    Collaboratorrs:

Krisia Haynes
Bettina Grassman
Sebastien Amodeo
Alex Dahl
Peggah Badii
Hoda Ghaddirian
Sasha Sabih
Dania Vidal
Payam Shodjai
Chimwemwe Miller
Nabil Nakhostine
And a great bunch of other youths.....


       The Group, Aube Mystique, was formed during the winter of 1998 with many hopes and goals. The underlying principle they strove for was to work in the spirit of service to their community. Their work was never for material gain, but merely for the spiritual benefits of service. The diversity of the group (Thai, Iranian, Algerian/Iranian and Canadian) is a testament to their belief that all races and creeds are equal, and that diversity can truly be harmonious. Through their art and with the devoted help of their collaborators, these young Bahá’í musicians are still striving to serve their fellow human beings, and to do their part in making the world a better place.

       Our album of approximately 51 minutes includes 12 original songs, written and composed by the band, in a process of consultation and deep friendship. The themes of the album varies from love, unity and joy to God and spirituality. The types of songs includes 1 instrumental, 7 French, 2 English, and 2 bilingual songs. This variety testifies of the beauty of unity between French and English speaking Canadians, a principle that is a necessity in today’s Canada.

       The purpose of the album is to propagate a good message and to add to the collective Bahá’í-inspired artistic materials (especially French). Materiel profit is not the intend of this album and if any substantial money are collected, they will serve for a noble cause as decided by the members of the band.


Jeff and Soheil, for Aube Mystique

Montréal, 8 Nov 1999



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